Monday, September 8, 2008

Christinaity and Free Masonry

"Is Freemasonry Compatible With Christianity?"

Recently, Pastor Otis was in London, England as a guest debator on the UK television program, 'From Genises to Revelation', to consider whether Freemasonry is compatable with Christinaity or not.  Pastor Otis was invited to appeare on the show after one of the program's hosts heard his radio interview with Chris Arnzen on 'Iron Sharpens Iron.'  (You can listen to this interview entitled, "Freemasonry:  A Dangerous Cult." by following the below link: ) 

Pastor Otis has studied the topic of Freemasonry for over 21 years when he initiated proceedings to have the PCA (Presbyterian Church In America) form a study committee on this subject.  He served on that committee for two years, and the committee's findings, that condemned Freemasonry as an anti-Christian religion, was approved by the PCA General Assembly in 1987. 

After 21 years, Pastor Otis has decided to publish his old manuscript with updated information into a book titled, "Unveiling Freemasonry's Idolatry". It is scheduled to be published through Triumphant Publications in late October or early November.  This 400-500 page book, when completed, will be the most comprehensive Christian critique on this subject.  You can learn more by going to their website

Also, while in England Pastor Otis was able also to retrace the preaching circuit of his great, great, grandfather, William Audiss, in Lincolnshire, England based on a detailed spiritual diary that he kept for 60 years.  Pastor Otis was able to preach in the chapel that his ancestor oversaw in Little Hale, Lincolnshire.  The chapel was built in 1837 and is still functional.  Pastor Otis was able to preach on the 167th anniversary of two sermons William Audiss preached on September 26, 1841.  "I spoke on 'God's Faithfulness Spans the Ages,'" said Pastor Otis in a recent email.  The message will soon be posted on the Church's website,

The television debate on Freemasonry and the message preached in Lincolnshire will both soon be appearing on our Church's website,, and there will be a post on this Blog notifing you as soon as they are up-loaded. 
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