Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Voice of the Martyrs-Kids of Courage: North Korea: Daniel 9/8/09

Do you remember how old you were the first time you saw a Bible? Maybe not. Most American Christians were so young when they first saw a Bible that they can’t remember it.

Daniel is a 13-year-old North Korean boy. People in North Korea are not allowed to own Bibles.
Daniel remembers when he first saw a Bible. He was 12 years old. He first heard about Jesus when he was 12, too.

A Hard Life
Daniel is an orphan. Many people in North Korea do not have enough food to eat. North Korean orphans are especially hungry.

“My mom and dad died when I was 8 or 9,” Daniel said. “My sister and I lived as wanderers in the streets of North Korea. In the winter, we stayed in alleyways, train stations, and bus stations. When we lived like this, people said to us, ‘You are dogs and pigs.’ Life was bitterly sad. We longed for our parents.”

Daniel and some friends escaped to China by crossing a frozen river. They had no shoes, so they walked barefoot. Daniel’s feet were very cold. After walking on the ice, he lost his toes because of frostbite.

Food for the Hungry
Daniel was grateful when Christians in China gave him food to eat. But he was also hungry for the word of God. The Christians shared the Bible with him and showed him a movie about Jesus.

Now Daniel studies the Bible every day. He even memorized Psalms 1 and 23. “I like Psalm 23,” he said. “It teaches me that no matter where I go, God is with me. He provides everything I need.”

Danger in China
Not everyone is happy that Christians are now taking care of Daniel’s needs. The North Korean government does not like it when their citizens escape to other countries. Chinese police officers try to catch North Koreans and send them back to their home country. In North Korea, those who have tried to escape are punished harshly in prison.

“It’s hard not to go outside and play in China, even though it’s dangerous,” said Daniel. “When I see the Chinese police, I pray.”

Someday Daniel would like to go back to his homeland and share Bible stories with North Koreans. But he is not ready yet. He wants to study the Bible more.

Here is Daniel’s prayer:

“Father God, I thank you that you have brought me here. Please lead me so that I can go back to North Korea and spread your Word well. I pray in the name of Jesus who saved us from our sin. Amen.”
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