Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Saying Good Bye to the Otis Family

Pastor John Otis, and his family, were recently called to a new Church in Burlington, North Carolina. John Otis had been the Evangelist to Corpus Christi for over 15 years nearly 5 of which were spent living in Texas. His ministry was a blessing to this Church and we wish him the fullness of God's grace as he begins his work in Burlington.

From Left to Right
Derrick, Jason, Christine, Pastor John Otis, & Brian
This picture was taken at Christopher & Jennifer Marks' wedding

Since the Otis relocated the 1st of September we threw a going away party, TEXAS style, for them the end of August. Here are some of the pictures from the event.

Texas size cakes along with a plaque of recognition

A Texas Bar-B-Que was hosted at the M's house

It was a huge spread and we were blessed to have several friends, whom the Otis' had met over the years, who came to share in the farewell.

A.J. Loving her BBQ

What a blessing it was to have so many little boys around! What cuties!


Maverick was the only one who was not enjoying BBQ that night...but he got let overs later on

Jennifer and Cromwell M.
Cromwell is showing off his boots

A favorite past time...Volley Ball

Pastor Otis...we miss you!

Kiddos being creative

The Lone Star ~Cake

Ya'll Come Back Now Y'a Hear!!!
The State of Texas~Cake

This certificate granting the rights to become an Honorary Citizen of the Great Empire of Texas was awarded to Pastor John Otis

Cookies Texas Style

David M.
Original founding member of Westminster along with his family

Christine Otis doing the honors


Phoebe R.

Connie M. and our cute Phoebe

Johanna M. with Miss R.

So, no matter where you go, no matter what God calls you to do, remember to keep a bit of TEXAS deep down in your heart!!!

We appreciate your years of service.
Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church ~Corpus Christi, TEXAS
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Marks of Faith said...

Love and miss you all! Best wishes for your work in NC!